Saturday, July 31, 2021

Haiku writing-- a spiritual practice for me

Though I haven't been writing in my blog since May (evidently), I have been writing some Haikus (and weekly sermons).  I have found out that Haiku writing as a spiritual practice and pairing them with a photo is life giving for me.  It is a spiritual practice for me.  Not just for me.  I recently found a entitled Haiku-- the sacred art: A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines by Margaret D. McGee.  It goes well with the first book that got me started into Haiku writing: A Listening Heart: The Spirituality of Sacred Sensuousness by Brother David Steindl-Rast.  

I wrote my first Haiku at the bottom of page 82, on 8/18/20 as I listened to the wind chimes and the water fountain.  Steindl-Rast speaks of the Haiku as "a poem of awareness" (82) and "as a mirror" (82)  He writes: "The Haiku is, paradoxically, a poem about silence.  Its very core is silence." (96)

I wrote a blog post after first starting this spiritual practice and included some of my first Haikus.  Here is the link to that blog post: Haiku -- 8/26/20.

Iris Blooms and a Haiku-- 4/26/21

Hammock Time and Haiku-- 5/1/21

Here are some of the Haikus I have written since May 1st:

Morning time with Cliff.
Coffee. Birds. Clouds. Cool air. Calm.
Good start to the day.
DD, 5/8/21

Breezes come and go
Rustling leaves and singing chimes
Peaceful for my soul
DD, 6/25/21

skipping rocks in creek
rock sitting in the water
cold and refreshing
DD, 7/5/21
Fires Creek, NC

canopy cover
gentle breezes move the leaves
breathing in and out
DD, 7/8/21

Haikus bring healing
as they create space inside
my breathing expands
DD, 7/13/21

fresh cool morning air
clouds above moving around
hummingbirds feeding
DD, 7/14/21

hammock time swinging
underneath the canopy
healing for the soul
DD, 7/15/21

sunset on the lake
bright color fills the water
needed peace for soul
DD, 7/16/21
Chester Frost Park

Though there are more Haikus, these are what I will post for now.  On 7/9/21 I wrote in my Haiku journal (yes, I have a journal dedicated to Haiku writing) that to that point I had written about 22 Haikus.  At some point I may post the original photos with the ones that I turned into Haiku photos.  Maybe these will turn into "A Year of Haiku Writing" or "Haikus as a Spiritual Practice". Who knows?!?!

What I DO know is that writing Haikus brings me joy, healing, and hope.  And I guess that answers the question my spiritual director asked my yesterday, at least in part.  She asked 'what is needed for me to have hope?'  I wrote a Haiku based on that and changed the wording a bit after seeing bright yellow flowers growing in asphalt.  Ultimately what is needed for me to have hope is for me to continue the spiritual practices that draw me into relationship with the One who created me, the One who loves me, and the One who knows me best.  Then I can live out my calling to live, love, and lead like Jesus.

Here is that Haiku from yesterday:

the question was asked:
'what will it take to bring hope'?
the answer will come
DD, 7/30/21
Photo is mine

Whether Haiku writing or reading offers you joy, healing or hope, may you find those spiritual practices that do offer you these things.  

Peace on this adventurous journey!

Rev. Deb

me at Fires Creek, NC
enjoying creation

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