Sunday, December 4, 2022

Advent 2-- getting some peace in the woods

Today is Advent 2, the beginning of Week 2 of Advent. As I read material this morning from Fully Human, Fully Divine, I felt compelled to head into the woods. I haven't been in the woods for any hammock, water, or rock time in a while, so that is exactly what I did. I took off to a favorite spot of mine down at North Chickamauga Creek Gorge. 

As I pulled in, I could see the water flowing over the rocks. That was a welcomed sight after all the drought we have had for months.

I began to set up my hammock in its usual place. 

I noticed two kayakers coming down the creek. Ah, I guess it WAS high enough for some water fun, albeit COLD! I watched them for a bit before I finished hanging my hammock. 

I spent time in the hammock and then went to explore the rocks. There are some wonderful rocks at the creek. Big ones for sitting and climbing. I went down to the familiar ones. As I was playing around, I saw some words on a rock. Hmmmm. I don't ever remember that. I got closer to see what it said: "Praise God's name for all he does for you."

That's kinda cool. Here in creation, where I am close to the Creator, I find a reminder to praise God for all God does for me. As I moved around, I noticed an angel on a rock. Another hmmmm. I made my way over to that rock and found the words "God loves you" underneath the angel.

Another good reminder. The One who created me and knows me best loves me. That's a reminder that I can use every now and again.

I played around some more on the rocks, watching the waters flow and listening to the sounds. It is peaceful for me, that deafening sound of roaring water flowing.

I made my way back up to the hammock to spend some "still" time, some "be" time. As I did so, I also spent time with this week's breath prayer: Spirit, fill me with peace. 

It turns out that getting into the woods, being near the water-- hearing it and watching it, playing on the rocks, and being in the hammock, was just what this soul needed for some peace.

Being in creation was my time with God today. Though it wasn't in community, somehow the Spirit knew that what I needed most was to be in creation and to soak in the Spirit's Presence in some silence and solitude.

I invite you to listen to one or both of the videos of the flowing waters. Breathe in deeply and exhale deeply as you watch and listen.

I also invite you to pray this week's breath prayer, either in English or Spanish. It's found on page 70 of the book I mentioned above (and you can check out the other blogpost for more information).

English: Spirit, fill me with peace.

Spanish: Espíritu, lléname con paz.

(I created both of these below, using my photo. Enjoy!)

Lastly, I invite you to enjoy some of the other photos I took from today's adventure.

May the deep peace of the running waters and the deep peace that passes understanding meet you wherever you are on your journey!

Rev. Deb


  1. We had a stream like that flowing through our backyard at the house we built on Signal Mountain. Not quite as wide, but ours did flow under the road before falling to the valley below. Thanks for taking me back to our stream. Can you tell I'm smiling?

    1. Oh, cool! To have a stream that close would be divine! Thanks for sharing! I am glad it brought a smile! :)

  2. So much beauty, so much peace. I love the angel's reminder to you!