Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Join me in creation

Join me in creation, in the woods. Join me on a walking path. Join me in the creek.

Right now I mean via writing, but I am open to walking with and hiking with you, if you are in my area. Being in the woods is not only nature therapy for me, but it is where and how I connect with the One who created me and who continues to create.

Yesterday I had the thought of a "log in the woods" and I wrote a short piece and titled it "A Log in the Woods":

"On a fall day with leaves blanketing the forest floor, friends walked the path in front of them. The leaves above them displayed brilliant colors of red, gold, and yellow. When they came upon a fallen log across the path, they stopped. They climbed up on it to sit and swing their legs. They watched leaves fall to the ground as the gentle wind blew. The silence filled the space, connecting them to one another and to their Creator. They were grateful for this time of space and grace. Sometimes words are not needed." [DD, 11/15/21]

Being in the woods may or may not be part of your spiritual connection time.

As you read the short piece above, does it resonate with you in any way? What comes to mind? Who do you picture being with you, if anyone? Where are you? What sensations do you experience in your body? What thoughts come as a result of it?

I looked through my photographs to see if I had a log photo with fall leaves. I couldn't find one. Instead, I found this log photo from a summer trip this past July to North Carolina and the Fires Creek area.

Fires Creek, Nantahala National Forest, July 5, 2021
[photo is mine]

It's a different scene in the woods. If you've ever been to Fires Creek, even in the heat of summer, you know the water is chilly (until you acclimate to it).

Take a moment and picture yourself in the scene. Make your way into the clear water. How do you react to the coldness of the water? Look down at the stones beneath the clear water. Make your way to the log. You are invited to climb up on it and sit awhile or lean up against it, taking in the beautiful scenery around you. Take several deep breaths in and then let them out. Can you smell the different blooms on the banks of the creek?

Whether the short piece or the photo actually helped you place yourself into nature, I do not know. Maybe, just maybe you experienced your heart rate decrease and your breathing get deeper.  Maybe, just maybe you experience some peace and calm.

Peace on this day, 

Rev. Deb

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