Friday, July 29, 2022

Lessons from a hummingbird

I haven't seen many hummingbirds this year at my house. However, this morning, one "buzzed" by me as I sat on the deck drinking my coffee. That was a not-so-subtle reminder for me to change out the hummingbird feeders.

It has been on my mind and to-do lists for a while now. But, the food looked healthy enough, so I refrained from changing it. Nevermind that I didn't see hummingbirds ever eating it. I allowed what seemed to be real enough to rule my actions.

When I got the two feeders down, I realized that the "healthy" looking food was just a mirage. It had been there too long. 

I cleaned out both feeders and made some fresh food.

It wasn't very long at all after I had hung the two feeders that I noticed a humming bird drinking from one of them. Ah, it knew. The food was fresh again. 

This was a cause for a pause for me. It made me think, in other words. First, it made me think about the hummingbirds: A change in the sustenance was what was needed to bring the little guys back. The food had gotten old and wasn't healthy. They knew it and stayed away.

Then I started thinking in terms of my spiritual health:

  • What spiritual food looks healthy enough but is no longer providing sustenance to/for me? 
  • What do I need to change up or to change out in order to have healthier sustenance in my spiritual provision?
I remember the statement that was made at the 5 Day Academy this fall: 'the spiritual practices that got you here are not the spiritual practices that will carry you forward'. I don't think this means that we are to throw away and scrap all of our practices. I do think it is an opportunity to look at them, to discern which ones are life-giving and which ones are not in the moment. The life-giving ones are good to keep on doing. The others can be put aside for now. We may or may not pick them back up at a later time.

I have made changes in my spiritual practices throughout my journey and have added some new things to my tools and resources. I have also kept some things that seem to work well.

As I watch these hummingbirds feeding this morning, the biggest reminder is this: I am reminded to keep things fresh.

As I ponder that, I wonder how that freshness will play out in my spiritual journey?!?! Time will tell.

Peace on this day!

Rev. Debra

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  1. Such a great reminder. The food we eat today can't possibly sustain us a month from now. It has to be a continual turning over and refreshment to keep us at optimum health levels.