Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another source of great quotes... Dove chocolates

If you haven't tasted Dove chocolates, then don't get started.  They are addicting.  They are also very rich, so you don't need (may I emphasize "need") more than one. 

Recently, I've had some Dove chocolates.  I've had two quotes that caused me to think in terms of the spiritual life and spiritual growth and outreach.

They are:

"Don't settle for a spark... light a fire instead."
"Ignite your sense of adventure."

I think of the song with the lyrics: "light the fire, in my soul..."   I don't want to settle for a spark in my soul, but rather a fire, a burning passion. 

Igniting my sense of adventure-- well, that's probably not a wrapper I need to heed too much..... that's something I may over-do at times.  ☺

But, these thoughts/quotes did get me thinking.  About life... about the spiritual aspect of life.

I haven't had time to write this month.  My semester in school started back and I've been super busy with school.  My two classes keep me busy, then there is the rest of life.  I have been reading many things that I wouldn't mind blogging about (hanging preposition).  I've also heard things on the radio.  And, then there's the 'here's what's going on in my life.'  But there's no time for that.

However, I thought I'd take a quick  moment this morning.

Last night I needed to have firepit time.  So, I built a small fire so I could have a little bit of quiet time.  It was very small and concentrated.  I built it from the embers that were left over and added some kindling.  It got me thinking about fire, sparks, flames too.  So, in the same line of thinking as the Dove quotes, here is what I thought about as I looked at my fire last night:

"A small concentrated blaze can ignite the world.  These sparks rise up from enlivened embers.  May it be so with your heart, mind, and soul."

I continue to "ignite the fire" by reading, studying, spending time in community, worship, silence, solitude, service, outreach, prayer....

Is there an adventure in your life that needs igniting?  Do your embers need enlivening? 

Find someone else on the journey and share with them, talk with them, pray with them.  As you do, you might just find that your fire will be burning brighter after that conversation.  I know that this is often the case for me.

Blessings on your adventurous journey!