Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Projected Appointment

I haven't blogged sermons or hikes or anything in a while.  In fact, I was hoping to post my Lent 1 photos, etc.  I may go back and post my Lenten journey photos by the week, along with the thoughts.  I have been a little short on "extra" time for writing.

You see, we're in a bit of transition in my home.  Charlie graduates from high school this year.  So, there are many "senior" things.  There are senior class nights, senior assemblies, the last school band concert, etc.  Often, we find out at the last minute on some of these things.  And, there is school work to be finished prior to graduation.  That's not on me, of course, but I do gently encourage it (as a retired professor).

Then, as a pastor, there is transition.  We have been in transition mode since this past fall, preparing to change from the 3 churches to a single church and 2 remain connected.  That has meant many meetings.  A part of that has been my projected move to a new appointment.

I didn't know where that would be until I got the call from the District Superintendent.  

And today, I am able to share where that will be.  Here is what I shared on Instagram and Facebook.  Charlie says I could have done a better job on the picture and that I used way too many words.  So, that means I have room (or rooms) for improvement. 

Peace on the journey!


P.S. Here's a link to my projected appointment's website: St. Elmo UMC

Today we can officially announce our projected appointments. We were given permission to share from the pulpit this past Sunday, so if you were at St. Elmo UMC this past Sunday, you saw a short greeting/introduction video from me.

I have been in my current appointment serving 3 churches with a 4th layer of leaders for four years. I love the Holston Georgia Parish--Flintstone, Simpson, and Fort Oglethorpe. I have gotten to know the people, many of the businesses, have been in some of the schools, met with different pastors and church leaders. It has been a tremendous experience and adventure. I am grateful to have been in the GaP and it isn't over just yet. My last Sunday in the Holston GaP will be June 16th. Until then, I will continue to share the message of loving God and loving others as ourselves. I will continue to teach and model that love and acceptance are practiced here. And, I will do my best to live, love, and lead like Jesus.
My first Sunday in the projected appointment at St. Elmo is July 7th. You can expect to hear the same message of loving God and loving others as ourselves. You will hear me speak about love and acceptance practiced here. I hope you will see it lived out. (I even have yard signs that I first found in Greensboro, NC and brought the idea back to TN.) I will also do my best to live, love, and lead like Jesus.
Oh, and I am looking forward to the opportunities to hablar en español más. 😀