Friday, May 29, 2015

Yo sé quien soy yo... I know who I am....a Danilo Montero song

Yesterday was "Day with the Bishop" at the Holston Conference Office in Alcoa, TN.  That meant a 2 hour commute from Chattanooga.  The past two times I've traveled there I've taken a CD of grace songs and a Danilo Montero CD.  This is the 3rd time for the commute that way and for my choice in music.  The CD with the grace songs has wonderful songs on it and gets me most of the way there, onto I-140.  Then it's time to put on Danilo Montero.

The first song on this particular CD («En vivo desde la iglesia Lakewood») is «Yo sé quien soy yo»/ "I know who I am".  With its lyrics and its beat, I find myself smiling ear to ear and belting out the song.

The song was written in 2007 by Israel Houghton and Chris Tomlin.

It is a catchy song in both Spanish and English.  You will find both versions included below.  But it's not just about the catchy tune and the beat.  The lyrics are catchy in that they speak to my soul.   An appropriate song for me to hear and sing, to worship the Creator with as I neared Alcoa.  I had been listening all morning to songs about grace, now I joined with Danilo Montero in praise and worship in God in whom I have my identity and being.

Here are the lyrics in Spanish:

yo sé quien soy yo////
tuyo soy, tuyo soy
Cristo eres mi Dios//

me encontraste
ciego estaba
y ahora puedo ver
hoy tu canción yo cantaré.
me sanaste
muerto estaba
y ahora vivo en ti
tu identidad has puesto en mí
yo sé, yo sé///

Soy perdonado
tu amigo soy
soy aceptado
yo sé quien soy yo
tengo confianza
seguro estoy
que soy amado
yo sé quien soy yo
volví a vivir
ya libre soy
te pertenezco a ti
tú eres mi Dios
Yo sé quien soy yo, tuyo soy, tuyo soy, tuyo soy tuyo soy

English version: "I know who I am"

Here are the lyrics in English:

I was running and You found me
I was blinded and You gave me sight
You put a song of praise in me
Oh I was broken and You healed me
I was dying and You gave me life
Lord You are my identity
I know I know
(I know I know)
I know who I am
I know who I am
I know who I am
I am Yours I am Yours
And You are mine
Jesus You are mine You are mine
Jesus You are mine
I am forgiven
I am Your friend
I am accepted
I know who I am
I am secure
I'm confident that I am loved
I know who I am
I am alive (I am alive)
I am set free (I am set free)
I belong to You and You belong to me
Oh oh 
Wherever you find yourself on the journey, maybe there is something in this song (either the Spanish or the English version) that speaks to your soul.  
Blessings on your journey, 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Two wheels again!

Last Thursday morning I was able to go down to Fort Oglethorpe, GA to pick up my motorcycle from the shop where it had been for three weeks.

Three weeks earlier on May 1, I had been able to take a break in my studies to call Carlos Hampton of Two Wheels Towing here in the Chattanooga area.  (You can check out the website I linked to in the previous sentence or go to Carlos' Facebook site here: Two Wheels Towing Tennessee.)  He came with his incredible towing outfit and took my bike to RT Cycle in Fort Oglethorpe.

Why was Two Wheels Towing necessary?  Didn't I just get the bike out of the shop late summer, early fall?!?!

I rode it home that day from the student shop at Chattanooga State, yes, where it had been for 18 months.  Then, I rode it another day.  That day, when I got home, I noticed some leakage from the fuel gauge.  I made a mental note of it.  My husband and I ordered parts and fixed it ourselves.  Then I went out to ride another day and it died on me at the bottom of our neighborhood, where I sat for a while.  I ended up calling my insurance folks.  But then my neighbor across the street who rides came in.  He hooked up the bike to the truck.  Because I was nervous to ride the bike like that, he let me drive the truck.  He is a motorcycle rider himself.  We got the bike home and pushed up our driveway.  Then, another day I tried to get her going again and she burst out with liquid all over the place.  There's a saying, 'peeing like a race horse'; that was my motorcycle. 

This was in the fall.  With my crazy study schedule and my paper writing for commissioning and interviews, it was not high priority to get my motorcycle fixed, but it was still a priority.

Finally the time opened up.  I learned about Carlos and his towing company.  He got my bike to RT Cycles.  They fixed it.  When I say they fixed it, what I mean is they needed to redo some of the work that was done, they fixed stripped screws, etc.  It made me sad that my bike had passed inspection of the professors at the shop, but that's life.  Because it is an older bike ('81 Yamaha 750 Maxim) and hasn't been ridden consistently now for several years, I was given strict orders to ride the bike... ride, ride, ride.

I can do that!  Well, as long as it's not raining.  I'm a fair weather rider.  I ride to feel the wind, to enjoy the road, to see and smell the outdoors as I'm traveling along.  I'm not about speed on the bike.  I prefer less traffic.

Last Thursday (back to where I started), a friend took me to RT Cycles and I picked up my bike.  The guys had a little difficulty getting her started.  She's older and runs cold these days.  They got her going and I rode home, down highway 27, through Chattanooga, taking back roads and taking my time. 

Later that same afternoon I got out for a short ride because I would be gone over the weekend.

When we returned from our weekend, I had difficulty getting her started, but charged the battery (a fairly new one) for a while and was able to get it started just as the rains came.

Yesterday there was a break in the rain, so I took the bike to go visit my brother, though he wasn't there and then took the opportunity to ride around some of the back roads in the Soddy Daisy/Middle Valley area.  It was a great ride.

Being on two wheels again feels good.  It brings joy.  It is freeing.  As with all freedom, it comes with much responsibility.  I don't take that responsibility lightly.  But I do enjoy it.  And, truthfully, it is one of the ways I connect spiritually with my Creator.  It just is for me. 

I don't know what aspect along your journey you've been missing that you are hoping to reintegrate in your life, but I hope you are able to take the steps to bring it back.

Blessings on your journey,