Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Do you find/make time for solitude?  That's one of the aspects in my spiritual journey that is an ongoing learning curve.  (Along with "silence".)

Some days, I am able to get enough time away to myself to re-energize, to focus on God, to just be.  Other days, it seems that it just doesn't happen.  Like everything, it's about balance.  Taking advantage of the unexpected winter break due to 8 inches of snow, I was able to enjoy the extra time with my daughter at home.  That was a blessing!  However, being off a normal schedule caused me to not be intentional about making time for solitude.

I can tell when I haven't had enough solitude time.  I get cranky,  frustrated,  short-tempered.   My soul is restless.  The best solution is for me to get out into the woods, but that isn't always possible.  Sometimes I am good about taking advantage of moments when my daughter has gone off to school before I get into the daily routine.  At other times, I have already started cleaning and running around.  It is harder to stop once I have begun, but it is possible. 

Solitude goes hand in hand with silence.  It is intentionally spending time set apart to be able to recharge the batteries of the soul (so to speak), to reflect, to listen, to read, to listen, to pray, to listen, to simply be.

One of my coffee mugs is inscribed with this Scripture: "Be still and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10).  It has become one of my breath prayers as well as something I've been trying to live into for the past several years.  I cannot do this unless I am intentional.  When I intentionally take some time to be apart from the busyness of life (even in my own home), I find I can hear God more clearly.  I find that the rhythm of my soul regulates.  I find strength and peace.

Solitude.  Silence.  Stillness. 

I hope to incorporate these more and more into my journey.  I encourage and invite you to do the same.

May you find peace in the stillness of your journey!


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