Monday, March 31, 2014

Persevering to the end..... my first 5K experience

This past Saturday, I did my first 5K.  I say "did" because I didn't run the entire time.  I started off running.  I ran off and on in the middle.  I finished running.  Okay, jogging.  I walked at other times.  Walking and running (jogging) was my intention.  Finishing was my intention.  I didn't really have a time to finish under in mind, other than I really wanted to finish in under an hour.  Well, truth be told, a friend did her first 5K a few months back and did around 45 minutes, so that was in the back of my mind. ☺

I started walking October 1st of 2013.  Back then, a 5K wasn't in my vision as a goal.  But, fairly soon, it became a goal.

When I learned about the Operation Outreach 5K that was helping out the Soddy Daisy Food Bank, I checked my calendar and found out I would be in town.  I check with the race organizers to see if walkers were allowed for the 5K and it was all good.  So, Operation Outreach became my first 5K race goal.  I used Runkeeper to count down days to the race, March 29.

On March 29, race day, it was raining slightly (drizzling) when I headed over to the starting point at Mile Straight Baptist Church.  Though I didn't know it until race time, they had decided to alter the route due to the weather.  That wasn't a big deal really, except that I later learned a friend had come out to support me and had place herself along the original route.  OOPS.  What dedication to come out on an early Saturday morning in rainy weather.  And, then to have the route changed.  I remain grateful for the effort and show of support!

I'm still sore from Saturday.... shins, quads, hams... but the soreness will work itself out eventually.  I haven't run that much in decades.  I ran track my senior year in high school (and enjoyed it), but I was primarily a swimmer throughout my life.  I marched in the band.  I rode bicycles.  I hiked (and still do).  And these days I walk 5-6 days a week. 

Even with all the walking since October.... and increased walking and hiking in March (over 50 miles and 25 hours), I still found myself worn out at the end of the race and coming close to vomiting at the very end.... the feeling where you've given it all you can give it and your lungs are coming up your throat.  But, thankfully, my lungs and my stomach stayed in place and I didn't puke, upchuck or vomit at the end of my first 5K.

Results from the race?

There were 89 people in the race.  I came in 78th overall (I was #1886).  My time was 47:21.  My pace was 15:16. 

In my age category (40-49), there were 17.  I came in 14th.  I was the oldest in my age category! ☺

These are decent statistics, especially for my very first 5K.  But it wasn't about these numbers.  The best statistics are the numbers that reveal how much food was donated to the Soddy Daisy Food Bank: 2,491 pounds of food!  Now, that's what makes this a successful 5K in my opinion!  It was the first "Operation Outreach 5K" and that's a great start to a yearly race!

The Soddy Daisy Food Bank is an organization we have helped out as a family through different churches and through BI-LO, a local grocery food store.   It was good to catch up with several of the volunteers with that organization that I know from days gone by.

Walking and doing a 5K are part of my preparation for my year of jubilee that begins in October.  I don't know when my next 5K will be or what it's mission focus will be.  But I don't think this past Saturday was my 'first and last' 5K.  I look forward to more adventures on the road.

Speaking of adventures, I am enjoying this pre-jubilee year.   If my pre-jubilee year at 49 is so wonderfully freeing, adventurous, and growth-producing, I simply can't imagine what the year of jubilee is going to be. 

Blessings on your adventures and your journey,



  1. One of my daughters volunteers at the Soddy-Daisy Food Bank. Thanks for entering this 5K.

    1. Bonnie, that's wonderful. Many moons ago, we visited there and learned all about it. I know several of the guys that volunteer there from days when we went to church together and one guy at our church is very active too. We collect food at our church regularly for them. Your daughter has found a great place to volunteer!!