Friday, September 2, 2011

Blogging... tomorrow makes one year!

Tomorrow is my one year anniversary for blogging.  I'm not sure if there is a Hallmark Card for that.  But, I am celebrating.  I thought I'd share some of the statistics--the highest read blogs, countries that have read, etc. 

As I look back at my original blog, I'm not so sure I've met the goal of honing my writing skills or not at this stage.  I've written, that's true.  Simply writing will not make one a better writer.  I have tried to focus on my words, and the grammar, in relationship to the media setting and audience.  But, I cannot tell for myself whether or not I've met that goal. 

I do know that I'm glad I finally started writing. It has been a tremendous outlet for me.  It has become a spiritual practice, a spiritual discipline in my faith journey.  It allows me to connect different points of life together, to attempt to make sense of them, and then share with others.  Hopefully, there is something there for you as well.  If nothing else, there are occasionally some decent pictures of kayakers and rafters!  (I say that because those posts seem to be the most popular!)

Now for the statistics.

I started blogging on September 3, 2010.

I have written a total of 96 posts this past year, including this one.  I didn't really have a goal for how much I would write.

Of these 95 posts prior to this one, here are the most popular as of today:
  1. Several hours at the creek...roaring waters and waiting, March 12, 2011-- 134 views
  2. The Touch Test, June 30, 2011--77 views
  3. Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant, April 4, 2011--65 views
  4. Marcela Gándara's Music ministers to my soul, March 2, 2011--62 views
  5. Comic strips and children's books..., January 31, 2011--62 views
  6. Discernment--a spiritual compass, September 9, 2011--54 views
  7. To blog or not to blog..., September 3, 2010--35 views
  8. Easter Sunday... a day for varying thoughts, April 24, 2011--33 views
  9. Some thoughts on hospitality, May 30, 2011--30 views
  10. North Chickamauga Creek and Gorge....Kayakers, March 12, 2011--28 views
The top countries:
  1. United States
  2. Sudan
  3. Russia
  4. Ukraine
  5. Canada
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Germany
  8. Netherlands
  9. India
  10. Denmark
In addition to these top 10 countries, I have kept up throughout the year on the readership from around the world.  As someone who enjoys traveling, languages, and culture, I was interested.  As someone who didn't do well in geography, I was able to learn (and in some cases, re-learn) where some of these countries are.  (Just keeping it real.)

Here are the other countries that have visited the blog: (not in any particular order)

Kuwait, Spain, Iraq, South Africa, Colombia, Georgia, Mexico, Singapore, Poland, China, Costa Rica, Latvia, Ghana, Uruguay, Kenya, South Korea, France, Slovenia, Brazil, Togo, Panama, Israel, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Croatia, Indonesia, Norway, Bahamas, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Jamaica, Moldova, Morocco, Netherlands, Argentina, Malaysia, Australia, Finland, Azerbaijan, Philippines. 

By my count there have been readers from 50 countries around the world.  That's pretty exciting!  I haven't always checked the weekly and monthly views, so I may have missed a country here or there.  I wish the statistics would include all the countries and not just the top 10.  But, that's okay.  It gives me something to do. ☺

What about monthly readership?  Well, there have been some busy months and some slow months.  Here is what this past year has looked like:

September-- 344
October-- 217

There you have it.  A year of blogging in statistics.  I guess I could have gone through my blogs and checked into what themes I tend to write most about, but I think there are enough statistics for now.

It has been a good first year for blogging.  Thank you for joining me on this journey!

I look forward to continuing the journey. 

What journey did you start this past year that you might can stop and reflect upon for a moment or two? 

Journeying onward,

~Debra ☺


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