Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Taking advantage of a gorgeous day....

Looking back the path we had just come
Yesterday (March 12) I was able to get outside for a little while and enjoy the beautiful day with my husband.  Sunshine and semi-warm weather have not been the norm lately, so when it came about, we took advantage of it.  We went to Greenway Farm (North Chickamauga Creek Greenway), [formerly known as Spangler Farm] to walk.  [Click here for a map.] There are paved paths, gravel paths, fields, and grass paths.  There is a dog park on the property, some private gardens, a defunct tennis court, a canoe launch, picnic tables, and a former quarry.  Animals only are allowed to play in the quarry water.  Humans will get in trouble.  In fact, that area may be roped off now.  We didn't go that way yesterday.  We walked the grass path along the creek near the wildflower field, taking the side trails around all the large pools of water.

There was one large pool of water that took more maneuvering than normal to get around.  Once inside the woods we noticed that a beaver dam had been built up.  Ah-ha!  that was why the water wasn't draining back down into the creek.  I did find a treasure for all the work bush-wacking through the woods--a golf ball.

Looking at the beaver dam; the creek is behind us

Looking back at the pool of water we had avoided

Not only was it good to walk among the trees and near the creek, it was good to feel the warmth of the sun and to hear the birds.  It was good to breathe in the fresh air. 

It was good to spend some time together walking--- some talking and some in silence. 

Being outdoors helped to clear my mind some and give it a break from lots of reading. 

The exercise was good for the body-- heart, mind, and soul.

May you find some form of exercise and/or may you be able to get outdoors and give yourself a break for your body-- heart, mind, and soul.

Blessings on your journey,


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