Saturday, May 25, 2019

Bamboo Encounter's first outdoor service-- May 25

Until today, Bamboo Encounter was alive only on Facebook in posts and in my heart, mind, soul, and dreams.  At the bottom of this post you can read the post from February where the "nudge" was becoming a reality. 

Bamboo Encounter is part of the Wild Church Network and is listed on their website.

Today the Bamboo Encounter became a reality, shared with others, as a total of 15 people gathered in the bamboo to worship God, our Creator.

On the 4th Saturday of the month, at 11:30 a.m. we gather  in the bamboo at Reflection Riding to worship by sharing Scripture, silence, Holy Communion, a song, etc. as the Holy Spirit moves.

Today's worship service looked like this: 

I wrote the opening prayer for today on May 4th.  

"Creator God, as we silence ourselves inside the covering of the bamboo, may we hear and see you.  We come today with differing expectations, with fears, with doubts, with questions, with hopes, with joys.  Meet us where we are, in this space. As the wind gently blows through the bamboo, may we know your presence among us.  Amen."

The scripture passages shared today:

1 Chronicles 16:33 (CEB)-- "Then the trees of the forest will shout out joyfully before the LORD, because he is coming to establish justice on earth!"

Psalm 96:12 (CEB)-- "Let the countryside and everything in it celebrate! Then all the trees of the forest too will shout out joyfully"

Two quotes were shared from the brochure--the John Wesley quote and the Wendell Berry quote:

After the Scriptures and the quotes, we took some time for silent reflection and to listen.  During that almost 5 minutes, we reflected on the bamboo around us-- sights and sounds and reflected on what spoke to us from what we had heard.  We also were asked to think about why we came outside to worship and what we were hoping to receive.

During our time of silent reflection, the breeze began to blow enough so that the bamboo began to clang against itself, making percussion sounds.

When our silent reflection time ended, those who desired to share, shared.  Though it is hard to put into words, it was an encouraging time of the body sharing with one another.  It filled my heart.

The communion passage was Luke 22:14-20.  We shared the bread and fruit of the vine together and then closed our time with one song and a benediction.

It isn't a long service, but for me, it was very refreshing.  From the first time I was in that bamboo, it spoke to me.  Being able to share that space with others and giving praise and glory to the Creator as we made time to be still and notice was a gift.

If you'd like to learn more about Bamboo Encounter, check out the Facebook page.

There are pictures from today, quotes on spirituality and nature, the full brochure, etc.  

If you are local and enjoy the outdoors, I hope you'll join us one of the 4th Saturdays in the bamboo.




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