Wednesday, September 17, 2014

4 year blogging anniversary!

Wow!  It's amazing for me to look back and realize that I have been on this blogging journey now since 2010.  As of September 3rd of this month, I marked my 4 year anniversary of blogging.  This calls for a celebration... or at least a review blog for the year. ☺

As I have mentioned over the month, things have been busy with the start of Fall semester for me (and other responsibilities), so I wasn't able to write my "year-in-review" celebration post closer to the 3rd of September, when I first began this journey in 2010.

But I am taking some time today.  As I have done with the other yearly reviews, I will share the countries that have visited my site, the top ten countries overall, the numbers for the monthly readership for the past year, and the top 10 posts overall.

Before I get into the data, let me say (once again), "THANK YOU".  Thank you for joining me on this journey, for traveling with me as I have been on this adventure of life, growth, trials, studies, ups and downs, life and death, joys, etc.  Though I can't see you, I recognize by the "hits" that you are out there and therefore we are connected as community.  Some of you comment from time to time and I always appreciate feedback, questions, etc.  But it's not necessary.

When I began this journey, I had an inkling (a feeling) that this was something I was to do in my faith journey, but I had no idea that it was truly part of my spiritual journey and one of my spiritual disciplines to draw me closer and deeper in relationship to God.  But it has.   If what has brought growth to my own personal journey has also created ripple effects of growth (or at least reflection), then that is like an unexpected gift (as in grace) and I am blessed and humbled at the possibilities.

Enough of my reflections.  I'll share the data now.  Though it would be nice if I were to go back to previous years and follow a set pattern (if I had one), I'm going to post the information randomly. (The random factor is in honor of a friend who also loves duct tape and used to read from Camel Land.)

Here's the data....

Over the past year, the monthly readership hits (according to the stats chart) has been:

September 2013........ 3614
October 2013............ 5336
November 2013........ 5418
December 2013.........5344
January 2014.............3934
February 2014...........3813
March 2014...............3696
April 2014.................6097
May 2014..................4734
June 2014..................3873
July 2014...................3670
August 2014..............3811
September 2014........ ongoing ☺


United States       42,862
Germany              11,280
Russia                     5,614
France                     1,575
United Kingdom     1,312
China                       1,012
Canada                      814
Ukraine                     741
Poland                       535
Malaysia                   392

TOP TEN POSTS (overall):

Some notes from two chapters in Conversion in the Wesleyan Tradition  (May 7, 2013)  [9846]

Thoughts and quotes from Jesus Calling over the last few days and weeks  (November 24, 2011) [2227]

Jesus Calling--January 1, 2012 (January 1, 2012) [440]

Academy #32 Tú has venido a la orilla / Lord, You Have Come  (October 3, 2012) [346]

Pushing 5...reflections of an example of living well from Will (May 5, 2014)  [341]

Jesus Calling--December 30th (December 30, 2011) [321]

"A Space of Love"... quotes and reflections from Macrina Wiederkehr's chapter in Abide (May 15, 2013) [296]

Several hours at the creek...roaring waters and waiting  (March 12, 2011) [241]

WO 510-- Day 2 of class (end of class)...Shalom, friends (February 23, 2014) [204]

Some thoughts on hospitality...  (May 30, 2011) [191]


Vanuatu, Norway, Oman, South Korea, Switzerland, Morocco, Macau, Guatemala, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, New Caledonia, Russia, United States, China, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Canada, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Albania, Poland, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Malaysia, Australia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Panama, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Honduras, Hong Kong, Spain, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Algeria, Cambodia, Ireland, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Estonia, Ghana, Moldova, Hungary, Austria, Namibia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Libya, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Curaçao, Papau New Guinea, Finland, Turkmenistan, Northern Mariana Islands, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Iraq, South Africa, Luxembourg, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Peru, Lebanon, Slovakia, Belarus, Venezuela, Romania, Qatar, Zambia, Bermuda, Ecuador, Aruba, Kenya, Maldives, Pakistan, Georgia, Dominican Republic, Macedonia (FYROM)

(Unless I've left out a place, which is a possibility, I count 90 different locations.)

Previous anniversary blog posts:

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Thanks again for joining me on this adventurous journey!




  1. I always love your summary post!! I have to admit that I must be falling down on my job because I visited four countries this year - and none of them even made the list. But some of the America ones are mine! :) Thanks for always sharing.

  2. oh wait, I found one! Also, I may have checked from either the Paris or Istanbul airports, then those could also be my contribution... Anyway, I'll try harder this year...if I travel any... :)