Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Academy #32, Session #8-- Celebration! ¡Celebración!

It is here.  Session #8 of the Academy.  Academy #32 has been a tremendous experience for me.  It has been a bilingual Academy and that has been a huge blessing.  There is more to say about the Academy, but that will come later. 

For now, some brief thoughts about the beginning of our week together for our final week.

The word for yesterday as we gathered was "celebration" / «celebración».  And that is what this week is ultimately.  We have the opportunity to reflect and celebrate all that God has done for us, in us, and through us over these past two years. 

I am looking forward to the learning this week and the reflecting. 

Last night's Word and Table celebration was a blessing.  Our theologian on the team, Cathy Thacker, gave the homily and spoke about the celebration of the father when his son returned (Luke) and the heavenly banquet in Revelation.  She also spoke about how communion time can be a celebration time as we celebrate our relationship with the Lord (paraphrased). 

That struck me because too often we tend to be quite somber in our "celebration" of the Last Supper/Eucharist/Holy Meal/Holy Communion.  And, yet, if we consider that we are doing this in remembrance of Christ and that we are doing it based on our relationship with Christ, wouldn't there be more joy and freedom!?!?!  If that is the case, then why the sad and/or somber faces during communion??  Sometimes I may be reflecting on something deep or heavy during a communion time that causes me to be reflective and more contemplative.... Yet, I wonder why I don't see it more as a celebration 'in remembrance'?!?!  Maybe it's simply not presented that way.  Something to think about.  There is joy and freedom as I think about my relationship with Christ and there is something to celebrate. 

This week we will celebrate Holy Communion daily, we will spend time together in community learning, in fellowship, in worship, and in silence.  We will also spend time alone in silence and solitude.

There is much to celebrate when I think about life, my life in Christ, my Creator who has created me and who patiently works in me, etc.

Though I will try to not be a stumbling block to those who desire to remain somber during their communion experiences, if you see me smiling or even laughing quietly while I am partaking of the elements, please know that I am basking in my relationship with the One whom I am remembering.

Let's celebrate!


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