Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wind, Water, and Fire!


Yes, you read the title correctly: "Wind, Water, and Fire!" and no, I did not get confused on the name of the band.  I know that is "Earth, Wind, & Fire".  But, I'm not talking about the band here.  Rather I'm talking about the literal and spiritual elements of water, wind, and fire.  However, if my title or my reference has caused you to rabbit trail back into the musical years, might I suggest that you check out "September"?  [The lyrics are included on this link.]

Okay, now that you've checked out many of their hits and you're grooving to the music, I'll share these elements.

As I stood out by Lake Griffin yesterday in the breeze, it struck me that there is something that brings me to life when I am in the wind or breeze and when I am near water. 

The wind can be gentle or strong, but not so strong as I'm having to fight my way up the museum steps in Chicago. ☺

The water can be a creek, a lake, an ocean, a waterfall, a trickle, a stream.... it doesn't matter.  If the water is simply still and reflecting or flowing, it doesn't matter. 

The wind and the water bring peace into my soul.  They flow around me, through me, fill me. 

Fire.  No, I haven't forgotten that I mentioned fire.  We haven't had any bonfires this week, but we have had candles and flames because of them.  Fire is another element that calms me.  I spend time at my firepit for silence and solitude back at home.  I enjoy campfires while camping or at a camp or retreat setting.  There is something sacred and holy about the fire too.  The flames dance in front of me and the embers burn brightly.  There are always lessons in the fire for me.

Each of these elements--wind, water, and fire--bring peace into my soul.  They calm the storm of life, even if they themselves are not so calm.  These have always been important to me, going back into my childhood.  I imagine I'm not the only one who finds peace for the soul in these elements, yet I wonder if it says anything particular about me..... or not.

Each of these elements also carry a spiritual significance.  The wind of the Holy Spirit, "ruach".... it blows where it may.  There are other references to it... and maybe one day I'll explore that in more detail.  The water of life... those who drink it won't be thirsty.  The fire of the Holy Spirit that burns off dross, cleanses, and purifies.  A verse that is dear to me is Isaiah 43:2--"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you."

Each of these elements can be harnessed.  They can be controlled, to an extent.  They can be used for good..... or they can cause damage or harm.  I'm sure you've heard of the expression that goes something like this: 'If you play with fire, eventually you'll get burned.'  I know that to be true.  These are elements to respect, physically and spiritually.  To be careful with, yet to not be afraid.  There's that paradox and living in the tension again.  It comes up so often on the journey.  It's a wonderful thing!

On my spiritual journey, the elements of wind, water, and fire take on significant meaning and physically bring calm and peace into my soul.  One day, I'll take some time and explore more in depth the Scriptures with these because I know there are numerous references.  But, for the moment, they are not in my brain... nor do I have time.  I've got to get going here soon. ☺

Having the time to reflect on these things yesterday and today is what brought all this into mind.  Reflection time is helpful, healthy, and necessary if I am to know myself and my Creator better.

Now that you're singing "September" or any other number of songs, and wondering why you read about wind, water, and fire, I'll leave you to think about this question:

What calms and brings peace to your soul?

Blessings on your journey!


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